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Wellness Program

The EntryPoint Wellness Program offers multi-level support programs in easy-to manage subscriptions that help you plan for the future rather than react to it.


Software support services have always been an integral part of ensuring the success of an enterprise software deployment.

There is, however, a big difference between receiving "reactive" support when you need it (usually at the most critical times) and "proactive" support that ensures one of your most valuable business assets, your SAP system, performs at peak levels. You wouldn't let your vehicles or plant equipment go without preventative maintenance; don't let your SAP system go without it either.

You can avoid the risks and problems associated with delayed or missed software patches or upgrades, unstable systems, untrained users or lack of strategic long-term plans that diminish the investment you made in SAP.

The EntryPoint Wellness Program

Our comprehensive support programs not only help you maintain and improve the performance of your SAP solution, but can also increase its stability and flexibility to ensure you receive the maximum value from your investment. As a result, you can more effectively respond to the changing needs of your business and the evolving requirements of your customers. We help you accomplish this by working closely with you to provide the guidance, support and services you may need to become a best-run business with a healthy and up-to-date SAP solution.

To support your efforts, we can deliver the following support services:

Standard Support

This level of support provides you with services and know-how to keep your software systems running. This comprises reactive, incident-driven support that provides a reliable response to technical disruptions. The offering encompasses continuous improvement, remote services, access to knowledge bases and message handling.

  • Maintain SAP applications and keep them running.
  • Keep software systems up-to-date and adapt to new business requirements with the latest software releases and enhancements.
  • Supports you in case of software-related incidents with knowledge databases, self-help tools and SAP experts.
  • Provides remote services to give guidance for situations such as upgrades or migrations.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support services help ensure your SAP software remains stable and operational and enables best practices and methodologies that support long-term success. This comprises all the features of Standard Support with proactive assessments of the application landscape to improve stability, minimize risk and accelerate problem solving, with a focus on continuous improvement to generate real business value.

  • Maintain business continuity by identifying risks before they become issues and offer 24x7 expert support.
  • Enables full visibility into business processes and system landscapes to quickly resolve issues and deliver improvements.
  • Reduce total cost of operations with tools, standards and support for best practices.

Premium Support

Premium Support services are designed to provide you with dedicated expert guidance for managing your system landscape. It provides direct support for resolving the complexities of maintaining, expanding and upgrading your systems to enhance the overall value of your investment.

Comprised of all the features of both the Standard and Enterprise packages, Premium Support offers a selection of expanded services that are tailored to your specific needs.

  • Assesses your solution to ensure it keeps up with the changes in your business and the market place.
  • Provides the decision support and expertise necessary to adapt your IT strategy and properly plan for enhancements.
  • Strategic services geared to help stakeholders develop and plan the future technical roadmap and drive greater user adoption.