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Services Overview

EntryPoint Offers a Full Range of Services.

We offer a range of services from "Should I do this project?" to "Please manage it for me!"



Implementing new systems in your organization can bring tremendous business benefits.  To make sure you get there, however, some key items need to be considered - technology, capital investment, project scope, people resources and more.  EntryPoint approaches every technology implementation for our clients with an analysis of these items and the same basic question: "What is the quantifiable business impact of implementing this technology?" Having a clearly-defined, positive impact up front will drastically increase the odds of having a successful project.   This is a bedrock of EntryPoint's "Right Way" methodology.

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Business Case Development

Many companies fail to realize any quantifiable ROI from the acquisition and implementation of a new system.  They either fail to identify the potential payback up-front and/or don't consciously pursue a scope that ensures a positive return. Many companies are also loath to count on headcount reductions as the primary savings from a project. 

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SAP Implementations

Why, after 20 years of implementing business systems and thousands of "best practices", do project still tend to go over budget and beyond their scheduled timeline?  EntryPoint's studied the last 20 years of both failed and sucessful projects and built a Project Management methodology we call "The Right Way" that addresses the key issues that keeps projects from being successful. 

 SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) Implementations

 SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Implementations

 SAP ERP (Business All-in-One) Implementations

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SAP Staffing

When choosing a consultant to complement your project team, do you REALLY know what you are getting?  The consultants EntryPoint provides to your team have the unique mix of solid functional, technical and communication skills to assimilate well with your employees, and we use a thorough 7-step process to ensure that receive qualified and competent consultants. 

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Managed Services

Are you truly in the business of offering SAP-enabled services, or are you in the business of selling industrial machinery, specialty checmicals, aircraft parts or beauty supplies?  Whatever business you're in, you may decide that you don't want to be in the business of deploying, hosting and managing your SAP environment.  That's where our Managed Services offerings come in. 

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Sometimes your company's decided to develop a dual strategy of deploying SAP solutions in house, as well as selectively deploying cloud or on-demand solutions.  We can offer you the best of both worlds.  Our unique on-demand offerings take the full functionality of SAP solutions and offer them to you in a fast, on-demand manner so that you don't have to worry about buying hardware infrastructure, traditional impllementation timeframes and software support. 

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Despite the best system implementation, extensive end user training and thorough testing, you need support after your go-live to make sure that all business processes are stable, the end users are knowledgeable, and the business can support the system.  We offer support contracts for clients after go-live who need additional assistance for either project team and/or end users.  

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