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SAP Staffing

We believe some consultants have forgotten that they are at your company not just to implement the technology solution you chose "on-time and on-budget", but to deliver the business value you expected.

Would you want to hire that SAP consultant if you could?


When Choosing a Consultant to Compliment Your Project Team, Do You REALLY Know What You're Getting?


EntryPoint undertakes a rigorous screening process to help ensure that the consultants we provide to your team have the unique mix of solid functional, technical and communication skills to assimilate well with your employees.

A Thorough 7-Step Process Ensures You Qualified and Competent Consultants

You deserve to receive exactly what you ask for, so we spend considerable time and expense verifying the information of each consultant's work history before you ever meet them. You want to know that the consultant who "looks good on paper", truly has the right mix of skills. Moreover, you want the confidence that there is nothing lurking in their background you should be concerned about, and that they will fit well into your company's culture.

High Standards Mean Many Consultants Don't Qualify

Because we are rigorous in our "pursuit of the truth", many consultants don't pass our high standards. We ask the tough questions, conduct the research and do the background checks so you don't have to. In fact, we check out our consultants more thoroughly than most companies check out their own employees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are ever dissatisfied with any of our consultants, just let us know and we will replace them immediately.


If you are searching for a few exceptional SAP Consultants -  "Just Like You'd Hire" - call Mario Mancini directly at (216) 393-4490 and he can tell you about our ability to help you achieve greater success with your SAP Project.