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Global Trade On Demand

Global Trade on Demand – delivering full GTS functionality as a fully-supported service for financial and operational advantages.



24/7 System Monitoring, + 99% System Availability, Redundant Mirrored Servers, Raised Floor, Temperature Controlled, Back-up/Failover Capability.

Initial Implementation

Initial Set-up / Build of GTS and Connection to ERP system (SAP).

Data Conversions

Conversions will include: Materials, Customers, Vendors, Sales Orders, Deliveries and PO’s.  Also, pre-mapped Product Classification will be converted into GTS (ECCN and HTS).

SPL Service

Configuration of Sanctioned Party Screening for Customers, Vendors, Sales Orders, Deliveries and PO’s globally.

Embargo Service

Configuration of Embargo Screening for Customers, Vendors, Sales Orders, Deliveries and PO’s globally.

License Determination Service

Configuration of the US Export Administration Regulations (EAR) for the US and Re-Export EAR screening globally.

Product Classification

Configuration to support ECCN and HTS classification in GTS.

3rd Party Data Provided

SPL, HTS, ECCN master data will be included in the offering.

Security Authorizations

Standard Set-up of Security Profiles for GTS.

Built-in Upgrade Schedule

Technical Upgrades Implemented no more than 8 months after release.

Priority Message Support

Within agreed-upon SLA.

Maintenance of Business

Bug fixes, keep the business running tasks to support other development that may take place in the ERP system.

Priority Message Support

Critical Notes / Patches implemented in a timely manner.

US Export Documentation

Standard US Export Documentation includes SLI, SED, Commercial Invoice (modification to the standard output are not included).

Test Scripts, Test Plan and Testing Methodology

All material to help build test cases, scripts, test plans and a testing methodology is included.

System Testing

Ensuring the system is working as designed.

User Acceptance Testing

Testing of the system by the users for their approval.

User Training and Training Materials

User training would be provided along with the associated training materials.

User Documentation

Business Process Procedures and Quick Reference / Desktop Guides.

Global Trade Reporting

Reports available for managing, auditing and analyzing data in GTS.


Alerts sent to specific individuals or groups alerting of blocked documents in GTS.

User Knowledge Base

Online access to user documentation via an internet portal.


The benefits to you will be unique, of course, but most clients realize some or all of the following:

  • Budget Benefits - Can disposition monthly fee as an expense instead of capital.
  • Reduced Implementation Time - Project duration can be cut down by nearly 40%.
  • No Hardware Costs - Hardware will be supplied by the hosting party.
  • No Initial Large Cash Outlay - Spread the cost of the implementation over a 3-5 year period.
  • No Hardware Maintenance / Upgrades - Hardware will be maintained by the hosting party.
  • Lower travel/consulting costs - A large percentage of the work will be done off-site, reducing costs.
  • Minimized risk of employee retention and attrition - Lower turnover for 'hot' skills in the marketplace.
  • Lower Training Cost - No need to train/develop your IT employees to support GTS configuration.
  • Reduced hassle and disruption compared with a traditional implementation - Allows business and IT personnel to focus on their core activities.
  • Stay current with a built-in upgrade schedule - Upgrade schedule is part of the scheduled maintenance.