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Managed Services

Let Us Manage Your Trade Operations

EntryPoint works closely with Vigilant GTS which specializes in outsourced services for managing global trade processes, specifically with specialized skills in the management of SAP's Global Trade Service (GTS).


After investing in the implementation of your global trade compliance software, you now face the task of effectively running it!

Managing the process to get goods into and out of foreign markets has never been more complex, time consuming and frustrating. EntryPoint and Vigilant GTS can help you screen partners against Sanctioned Party Lists, support your export license determination efforts, and determine the appropriate HTS, Schedule B, ECCN or OGA number for your products.

With experienced global trade professionals located across the country, the Vigilant service specializes in the management of your global trade program. With multiple Licensed Customs Brokers on staff, the operational details of your compliance program can be entrusted to EntryPoint and Vigilant, allowing you more time for your complex and strategic compliance initiatives.

EntryPoint's partnership with Vigilant GTS provides clients 24/7 coverage of global trade functions and software with skilled individuals who have an average of 10-15 years experience in the global trade industry.

We are highly conscious of the sensitive nature of your data and processes and that is why our team is compiled of people with extensive trade background and conscientious personalities. Below is a list of some of the functions we can manage for you through our partnership with Vigilant GTS.

Global Trade Regulations and Support

  • Notification of updates to trade regulations (EAR, ITAR, etc.)
  • Updates to ECCN, HTS and OGA classifications
  • Updates to SPL entities

GTS Master Data Maintenance

  • Classification and reclassification of Materials (ECCN, HTS, OGA classifications)
  • Rule-based classification procedures jointly developed

Initial Screening

  • 24-hour support available
  • Level 1 screening of Blocked Partners and Documents for SPL, Embargo and Licensing
  • Notification of license requirements