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Doing the project right is the challenge.

Done right, an ERP system eliminates waste, reduces costs and increases efficiency, productivity and profitability.

You'll probably only do a single ERP project in your business career. Our consultants have experienced the implementation process many times and they know what to do and where the pitfalls are.

New ERP Implementations

ERP projects are large and complex. They touch every system in your business. There are horror stories about ERP projects that wreaked havoc and others that just never got done. To do an ERP implementation right, you need a special kind of consulting firm.

You need to work with experienced consultants. At EntryPoint, we put people on your project who've been there before. They can spot problems early, and they know how to solve them.

You need to work with consultants who can translate between the IT people and the business people. Many problems with ERP implementations stem from the fact that the same words can be interpreted very differently by IT staff and corporate management.

One common problem in ERP implementation is that the IT staff or the consultant wants to use every feature of the sophisticated ERP package. That's usually a bad, and costly, mistake. At EntryPoint, our consultants know how to choose just the right features to install, and they have the discipline to stop there.

You need to work with consultants who stay focused on the business objectives. The bottom line on ERP is your business bottom line.

Additional Rollouts

Technology is always changing. New software and upgrades are released almost every day.

We'll stay on top of these for you. When new tools become available that will help you improve your operations, improve your profitability or gain competitive advantage, we'll help you make them part of your system.

Sometimes the initial implementation of an ERP project only brings a few of the parts of the business together. When you're ready to extend the reach of your system, we're ready to help you.

Business Driven Upgrades

Business is always changing. The marketplace changes and you must adapt. You keep looking for ways to improve your operations and profitability and gain competitive advantage.

When things change, we can help you upgrade your ERP system to profitably adapt. When you want to change the way you handle a business process or two, we can help you swiftly and effectively make the changes.