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Business Case Development

Does Your Project Pass the CFO Sniff Test?

While the Assessment will identify many different reasons to do a project, the Business Case looks carefully at the economic impact of pursuing these benefit streams.

The Business Case offering helps you quantify the opportunity as well as the costs and other impacts from taking on your project and includes:

  • The resources that will be required: Identify and quantify the money, people, time and other resources that will be needed to complete the project.

  • The changes that will be necessary: Identify the changes in process and relationships that will occur if the project is launched.

  • The change in the economic performance of the company as a result of the project: Some changes may be immediate and directly impact the bottom line. A Supply Chain Management project can reduce inventory costs for example, but a Customer Relationship Management project may result in increased customer satisfaction which, in turn, improves your company's competitive position over time.

We believe that a business case should be thorough and thoughtful. It should never be an exercise where numbers are simply plugged into a template. Our role is to bring our special expertise and experience to bear to help you decide if a project makes business sense and provides a positive impact.

Don't settle for a simple spreadsheet "business case" with plugged-in numbers that may not be realistic. We'll help you identify the direct costs, like software or hardware, and the sometimes-hidden costs, like training. EntryPoint will help you develop a simple, but sophisticated, ROI model that will give you confidence in what to expect.