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Is My Business Healthy?

From "Health Checks" to Full Business Impact Assessments, We'll Help You Determine if You Should Start the Project in the First Place.


Before you invest time and money in a project, you should be able to identify that there truly is an opportunity for improvement, and understand how your business will be better.

Sounds easy enough, but this should not be taken lightly.

EntryPoint will first help you clarify the obvious benefits, but then we'll put our expertise and deep experience with system implementations to work. This is where we help you to both uncover areas of improvement that you may not have considered and to understand all of the processes and operations that can be positively affected.

Revenue: We'll detail the expected benefits and improvements to revenue that would be gained from a new solution. We'll then assess and help you to understand any other opportunities for improvement such as improving sales through solutions like Sales Force, Marketing Automation or Business Intelligence, and helping you look for ways to develop new markets or improve global revenue through Global Trade Management, Reduced Costs and Expenses.

An efficient, integrated system can reduce the cost of multiple disparate systems while instantly improving efficiency and productivity. We'll work with you to identify these benefits, as well as look for opportunities to reduce costs and expenses through support systems like Supply Chain Management, Inventory Optimization or Warehouse Management.

The opportunities are almost endless. They're limited only by our combined imagination. But before you try to turn them into a real project, there needs to be some more analysis.