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On October 31st, 2014, EntryPoint sold its business of providing implementation and management of SAP Global Trade Services software to KPMG LLP and no longer offers such services.

Inquiries in respect of such services can be addressed to KPMG LLP via Doug Zuvich, Global Lead Partner, Trade and Customs Services, at dzuvich@kpmg.com, Andrew Siciliano, U.S. Lead Partner, Trade and Customs Services, at asiciliano@kmpg.com, or Robert Waldrop, Managing Director and SAP GTS service leader atrwaldrop@kpmg.com.

SAP GTS Services

SAP GTS Consulting Services

EntryPoint offers a broad set of services aligned with global trade compliance, customs management and sanctioned party screening through SAP's Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) solution offering.


Are you concerned that your current trade compliance processes aren't benefiting your business as much as they should?

GTS Health Check – Discovery and correction of technical, process and regulatory issues within a company's GTS environment.

Many firms perform traditional customs audits, but EntryPoint is unique in our focus on your Trade Compliance Performance.

Using our background in business improvement, the EntryPoint Global Trade Practice will evaluate your company's current trade compliance environment and provide a plan to greatly improve both the level of compliance and its benefit to your company. This includes:

  • The processes, automation options, business structure and deployment plan needed to reach a new level of compliance performance.
  • Creation of a business case for enacting these improvements based on the benefits in cost reduction, supply chain improvement, risk avoidance and customer satisfaction.


Are you concerned that budget or IT requirements could inhibit your deployment of SAP GTS?

Global Trade on Demand – Delivering full GTS functionality as a fully-supported service, for financial and operational advantages.

A traditional deployment of any Global Trade Management (GTM) solution requires you have a budget for the software, hardware and the cost of implementation, as well as requiring a great deal of your IT team's effort and coordination.

EntryPoint provides an alternative to this traditional deployment by providing SAP GTS as a subscription-based service, Global Trade on Demand. After obtaining the software license from SAP, EntryPoint covers all other deployment costs in exchange for a low monthly fee. EntryPoint provides hosting, deployment, maintenance of trade content and regulations, and full user support. We make it simple to get your company compliant.


Are you concerned about finding highly-skilled, well-priced consultants for your SAP GTS deployment?

GTS Implementation – Using best practice design templates and accelerated methodology.

Unlike many of its GTM competitors, SAP GTS provides an exceedingly flexible architecture. This flexibility allows it to support any of the world's trade regulations, but its implementation demands a consulting partner who can supplement technical knowledge with true trade compliance expertise.

EntryPoint has been deploying SAP GTS since its first version. In that time, we've differentiated ourselves by building a team of trade-savvy consultants dedicated solely to SAP GTS. This team has permitted EntryPoint to ensure our clients' GTS deployments are always about business and compliance improvement, not just about technology.


Do you already have SAP GTS deployed and are concerned that it's not doing everything it could for your company?

Trade Compliance Performance – Including audits, workshops & business case development.

Perhaps the original deployment of SAP GTS didn't include sufficient guidance in developing the optimal trade compliance solution and you think there's room for improvement. Or perhaps you've upgraded since your original deployment and have not yet taken advantage of the new features that are available.

EntryPoint can provide a GTS Health Check that will help you recognize whether your business is benefiting from its full capabilities. In less than one week, we will provide an expert diagnosis of your SAP GTS design and processes, identify each area of improvement, and recommend a path to optimal effectiveness.


Are you concerned with how much time your team spends on day-to-day trade compliance activities?

You've deployed SAP GTS and you're a much more efficient and compliant organization than you were before. But, as anyone who has worked around technology can attest, new tools may make you better at doing things, but they rarely leave you with less to do.

EntryPoint can free your compliance team from much of your day-to-day activities with its Vigilant Trade Compliance office. We can resolve:

  • Denied Party Screening Blocks
  • Classify Product Tariff, Commodity, OGA and Export Control Numbers
  • Review Blocked Transactions and License Determination Decisions and more

This frees up your compliance team to concentrate on areas that bring greater business benefit.

SPL in a Day – Set up GTS Sanctioned Party List Screening to allow prospective GTS customers to immediately use GTS with their data.

GTS Help Desk – We'll provide technical and operational support for all your GTS activities, using a monthly subscription model.


If you'd like to know even more, please contact Robert Waldrop, EntryPoint's Vice President of Global Trade Management, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or directly at 646.509.1199.