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On October 31st, 2014, EntryPoint sold its business of providing implementation and management of SAP Global Trade Services software to KPMG LLP and no longer offers such services.

Inquiries in respect of such services can be addressed to KPMG LLP via Doug Zuvich, Global Lead Partner, Trade and Customs Services, at dzuvich@kpmg.com, Andrew Siciliano, U.S. Lead Partner, Trade and Customs Services, at asiciliano@kmpg.com, or Robert Waldrop, Managing Director and SAP GTS service leader atrwaldrop@kpmg.com.

SAP GTS Products

EntryPoint offers a variety of products to enhance the features and performance of SAP GTS solutions.



EntryPoint has developed a solution which allows engineers, scientists, marketing personnel and others who do not use a company's ERP system to easily enter their shipment information on a web page, have it screened, classified and licensed. This creates a "one stop shop" for all export activities, no matter which part of the supply chain the export is generated from. It's self-contained, allowing products and partners to be created in GTS when necessary.  They can even be segregated from other master data in GTS.



Many clients struggle to keep up with the constant changes required in generating output and the long project time it takes for the IT team to keep up with the changing requirements. EntryPoint has developed a method which allows its clients to support the various company, customer and country requirements for trade forms without requiring involvement by IT in order to modify and maintain these forms.


Integration Workbench

Though GTS can integrate tightly with any non-SAP application, this often necessitates a sizable effort by a company's internal resources to modify its business application and possibly middleware to achieve this. There are instances where the benefit of this integration does not warrant the cost, either because of the non-strategic nature of the processes using an application, the low volume of transaction, or the imminent decommissioning of the business application. In these situations, EntryPoint's developed a collection of tables and programs that permit external data to be brought into and processed by GTS, requiring minimal effort by both a company's resources and by the EntryPoint team.