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SAP Supply Chain Management

A well-managed supply chain will help you increase revenue, drive down inventory and logistics costs, improve your cycle times, and help you better understand your business.


If you're like most companies, you've spent a decade or more improving your manufacturing operations through lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and quality management programs. Now it's time to build on the improvements made in your internal operations and begin to build collaborative processes that tighten the links in your supply chain.

While goods flow from left to right along the chain, orders and payments flow the other way. A well-managed supply chain can help you improve both your Days Sales Outstanding and relationships with customers.

Our experienced consultants can help you extend the efficiencies of your manufacturing operation to your entire supply chain. That's true no matter what kind of manufacturing you do - produce-to-forecast, assemble-to-order, or produce-to-order.

We can help you whether your supply chain stretches across town or around the globe. There's a competitive advantage to be seized here. According to David Simchi-Levi, MIT professor and supply chain expert, "Only 7 percent of all companies effectively manage their supply chains." We can help you be among the profitable few.

EntryPoint can help you achieve optimal performance from your supply chain through Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

SRM is a comprehensive approach to managing your working relationships with your suppliers. An effective SRM project will streamline the supplier relationships in your supply chain and make them more effective and profitable.

One significant benefit of SRM is that it puts you and your suppliers on the same page, with a common frame of reference. That leads to fewer problems and misunderstandings. There are other benefits, too.

With an effective SRM system, you'll improve your sourcing and bid analysis. You'll also do a better job of managing your contracts across their entire lifecycle.

In all areas, you'll benefit from best practices and streamlined processes that can improve everything - from sourcing to payment. Our experienced consultants can help you assess the potential ROI in an SRM project, and then help you carry the project through to conclusion.