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On October 31st, 2014, EntryPoint sold its business of providing implementation and management of SAP Global Trade Services software to KPMG LLP and no longer offers such services.

Inquiries in respect of such services can be addressed to KPMG LLP via Doug Zuvich, Global Lead Partner, Trade and Customs Services, at dzuvich@kpmg.com, Andrew Siciliano, U.S. Lead Partner, Trade and Customs Services, at asiciliano@kmpg.com, or Robert Waldrop, Managing Director and SAP GTS service leader atrwaldrop@kpmg.com.

SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS)

EntryPoint's Global Trade Practice is the longest-standing SAP GTS (Global Trade Services) Partner Practice in the U.S. and a leader in market share and client references.

We've performed over 100 SAP GTS implementations and currently provide hosting, operational and audit services in trade compliance.

The EntryPoint Global Trade Services (GTS) Practice is known for its distinctive approach to global trade consulting, which includes:

Trade Knowledge – Hire technical consultants, get trade experts.Team Consulting – Hire a single consultant, get the knowledge of an entire team.Guided Wisdom – Hire experienced consultants, get best practices from nearly 100 GTS projects.GTS Chatterboxes – Before you hire a consultant, get educated through our blog, social media updates, frequent webinars and conference presentations.

Practice Quick Facts

The longest-standing SAP GTS Partner Practice in the U.S. and #1 in market share and client references.Most SAP GTS implementations of any SAP Partner in the US (100+ projects completed or in progress).A standing Member of the ASUG Global GTS Council (Community of Interest).Regular Presenters at SAP and ASUG Forums & Conferences.Members of the practice led one of the first GTS deployments globally, plus implemented the first North American client.

The Partnerships

Primary GTS implementation partner for SAP in the US:

Conduct monthly conference calls with SAP's GTS architects, developers and practice management.Receive periodic in-house training from SAP on new features of GTS and new market initiatives.Conduct visits to SAP's US headquarters to collaborate on challenging customer issues.Collaborate on SAP's development of its GTS Preferred Practice documents.Have long-standing partnerships with primary trade content vendors MK Data and Customs Info.Regularly perform joint presentations, co-exhibit at trade conferences, refer and support each other's clients.Partnership with SAP Global Resources, along with the international GTS partnerships with London (Honeycourt) and Stuttgart (Wilke Consulting).

The Team Members

Practice employs industry-trained GTS consultants with multiple GTS deployments, along with trade compliance specialists supporting clients' trade operations.Practice includes customs brokers and trade compliance officers, legal experts, along with former forwarding agents, government liaisons, trade compliance managers and logistics specialists.Unlike all competitors in this area, our GTS consultants are required to have both technical skills and extensive knowledge of compliance.Practice consultants have significant experience with SAP ERP, especially in those areas that impact GTS.All projects are conducted in frequent collaboration with the entire global trade team, so all of our clients benefit equally from our collective experience, best practices and methodology.

The Reputation

EntryPoint is often the first reference SAP will give to a company needing a GTS system integrator.EntryPoint consultants are often brought in by clients to address issues with GTS deployments performed by independent consultants or larger consulting firms.GTS consultants achieve bonuses based almost entirely on whether a client will enthusiastically recommend the consultant and EntryPoint to their colleagues and business associates.Consultants are regularly selected to be presenters at trade conferences and SAP conferences, as well as presenting webinars and contributing to the EntryPoint GTS Blog.

The Methodology

Provide Direction – Use of best practices to accelerate implementation, reduce risk and experimentation, and provide most effective and robust solution.Provide Expertise – Use of consultants with years of trade compliance, supply chain, SAP ERP and GTS experience. Each EPC consultant frequently collaborates with team members so clients profit from expertise of entire practice.Provide Clarity – Use of proprietary GTS Solution Guides to guide application design. Written to be easily understood by any employee or executive, and used to drive all configuration, testing and training activities.Provide Vision – Emphasis is not only on GTS just being technically correct, but on how to best support operational and compliance activities, for the current geographic and functional scope AND being capable of supporting future expansion in geography and functionality.Provide Independence – Focus on ensuring client resources are given the detailed documentation and constant opportunities to learn GTS so they can support future deployments without outside consultants.

The Best Practice Deployments

Aerospace & Defense ITAR Solutions (commended by the State Department)US & EU Encryption SolutionsOGA Import ControlsSingle Solution SPL DesignNon-SAP Feeder Systems and Multi-instance EnvironmentMiscellaneous (non-ERP) ShipmentsUser-configured Export Forms (FlexForm)