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Project ROI

roi-interiorEnsure a Positive Return.

Does your project have an irrefutable, completely defensible ROI?


Many companies fail to realize any quantifiable ROI from the acquisition and implementation of a new ERP system. They either fail to identify the potential payback up-front and/or don't consciously pursue a scope that ensures a positive return. Many companies are also loath to count on headcount reductions as the primary savings from a project. Moreover,  management of inventory and the supply chain for many clients that have not implemented an robust ERP solution is often very inefficient and ineffective. Excessive inventory and slow fill rates leads to excessive tying up of cash in inventory and poor customer service.

Very few other ERP consultancies focus on the ROI side of an ERP project. In fact, most simply focus on 'fast and cheap'.

We focus on creating a measurable return as well as a cost effective, low-risk deployment because the fact of the matter is, if you can't define what the return from making the investment is clearly going to be, chances are good you won't do it at all.

And besides, about six months after the go-live, you want to be able to answer the inevitable question from your CFO and/or CEO, "So what did we get for doing that SAP project??"

Our partnership with Valogix and culture of driving hard dollar savings for IT investment.

EntryPoint's Right Way methodology combines an evaluation of your team, business processes and technology enablers to optimize your inventory.  Using the power of Valogix, we model your inventory and develop a completely defensible, and sometimes irrefutable, measurable business case that drives hard dollar savings.  In fact, our typical results create a value proposition that will reduce inventory levels at the same time it meets / exceeds your fill rates and service levels that adds tangible hard savings to pay for the project.