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Engaged End Users

no-one-left-behindNo User Left Behind

Engaged and productive end users will make or break your project success.


One of the oft-cited factors in IT project failures is the lack of sufficient "Change Management". Change Management means many different things to different people, but a good majority of the issue is around the fact that people using the new system are not sufficiently prepared to operate in the new environment.  Because of their lack of confidence, anxiety, etc. (and simply being set in their old ways), they resist using the new system and the new processes which go with it.

To make matters worse, most standard industry project methodologies focus on the end user at the very end of the project, sometimes weeks before the new user is expected to use the new system. This lack of getting the people who are responsible for the daily operations of the company sufficiently prepared leads to a major risk factor in successfully implementing a new system.

Through our unique end user engagement methodology, our clients are more confident in their ability to use the new system and processes before go-live which reduces their anxiety and resistance to change. They more readily adopt the new system, feel more confident in their job, and speak positively about the system and your company!