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Clean Data

clean-data-interiorThe Lack of Clean Data will Reduce the Odds of a Successful ERP Project by 75%.

For over 20 years now, consulting firms have handed you, the client, the task of extracting, cleaning, enhancing and loading legacy data into your new ERP system. The primary reason they give sounds so logical; “no one knows your data better than do you”.


So then why has the lack of effective data migration stubbornly remained one of the top five ERP failure points over the last two decades?

Even though it makes sense that you know your data better than anyone, the main issue is that most companies lack the time, attention, tools and desire to effectively complete this task.  Let’s face it.  Spending all day manually cleaning up your data is probably one of the worst tasks in an ERP implementation.  Moreover, since this typically is a one-time event, no one is trained on how to do it, nor has the company invested in the necessary tools to do it efficiently and effectively. 

Most importantly the internal project team/super users are typically fully engaged in trying to identify new business processes, helping configure the new system and more – while likely still doing their full-time job.  They simply don’t have the time or wherewithal to put proper focus on this critical task.

That’s why it rarely gets done well, or on time!


Leaving Clients to Manage Data Migration Introduces Unnecessary Risk

There's much more to data migration than simply moving information from one system to another.


Unfortunately, many ERP projects have suffered because either the client company, or their integration firm, thought it was a straightforward process that could be managed by the client. Below are a few of the common misconceptions: 

  • The data in the source system is adequate, so it should be a straightforward migration 

    • This is rarely the case, and many clients don’t realize the wide variety of reasons it will not be suitable for the objectives of the new target system, or the expertise, resources, processes and time required to modify it.  

  • The internal IT staff has the skills & time to migrate the data

    • Data quality and migration is a specialist skill that can't be learned “on-the-job”, and IT staffs will be pulled from other responsibilities to devote significant time to this effort. 
    • Inaccuracies and issues will become very evident as data is migrated to the new target system; experience is required to understand how to minimize those issues and be prepared to properly address those that arise.
    • The IT staff may not understand the significant benefits, and difficulties, of requiring and keeping senior client management involved from each functional area that knows the data. 

  • Data corrections can be made after Go-live to keep the project moving or on schedule

    • There's often a lack of understanding on the adverse impact data changes can have on other data or how and why it needs to be closely monitored and audited throughout the process.


The reality is, most client companies simply don’t have a thorough understanding or expertise in both the source and target systems - and they shouldn’t be expected to.  It’s not what they do for a living.  But it IS what we do, and it should be expected that we'll provide all the expert resources required to minimize risk and ensure a successful project.

We have a better way … “The Right Way”.


EntryPoint’s Data Migration Services

We recognize that the process of extracting existing data, validating, enriching, properly loading and testing it in the new SAP system is not only critical, but it can also become a complex and challenging task.  In fact, up to 75% of new systems fail to meet expectations because of flaws in the migration process or inaccurate data.  Expecting our clients to manage this process, often with little to no data migration experience, introduces unnecessary risk to the project and stress on the client.


Our philosophy and project offering differs from most:

  • We're involved from the beginning to plan, build and lead a combined EntryPoint/Client Data Migration team that is consistently engaged and will include senior client management very familiar with the data.

  • We take the extra step of employing Data Migration experts who work closely with the client, providing total support throughout this critical phase of the project.

  • We utilize proven, state-of-the-art Data Migration tools and methodologies with our experienced team that employs them to best meet your specific needs.

  • We minimize the risk that other firms defer to the client by being deeply involved in the data migration activities, because we understand it’s not a core skill of the client, but it is critical to the success of the project.


Picking an ERP Integration Firm

Every ERP implementation project will require the transfer of data from the old system to the new.

EntryPoint believes providing expert data migration resources that work closely with our clients should be an integral part of the ERP project service offering.  Simply providing some guidance and letting you manage the process is not enough.

When considering an integration firm for your project, consider the following:

  • Do they have a dedicated internal competency centre or team specializing in data migration?

  • Do they have experience and a methodology for assessing client skill sets to build and manage an appropriate client/consulting data migration team?

  • Do they have experience, methodology and proven tools for analyzing the complexities of a company’s data to accurately forecast the migration effort?

  • Are they skilled with and use appropriate data cleansing tools?

  • Is all of the above part of a formal, tried and true overall data migration methodology?


EntryPoint meets these criteria and more.

It’s this extra level of effort and client support that helps to ensure a smooth and more accurate transition of data, minimizes project risk and business disruptions, avoids project delays, and is simply the right thing to do for our client.


It’s the EntryPoint Way – it’s simply the "The Right Way".