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The EntryPoint Difference


Your business has changed. It's grown, and the systems and tools you've been using to this point are no longer keeping up.

You know this, and you want help.

So you've done your research into the variety of ERP business systems that can bring your company's operations up to speed. You and your team relish the efficiency and detailed business information a new system will provide. You envision the increased productivity of your staff, the improved business decisions, and the results on the bottom line.

But during this research, you also came across an ERP landscape littered with stories of failed projects and countless analysts offering their reasons for the failures.

That's when you hesitated. 

Sound about right? This story is not unusual and who could blame you for hesitating? Although the benefits of an ERP system are well documented, so too are the problems. For the past 20 years, just over 50% of ERP projects have steadily failed to meet expectations with the most common issues being:

  • Less than 1/2 of projects stay within budget,
  • 2/3 of projects went over their timeline, and
  • Less than 1/3 of companies report a true positive ROI.

Now, that's not to say companies aren't experiencing any value from their systems; they are, but overall these are not good stats.

So our team took its experience across hundreds of SAP projects and researched, analyzed, interviewed, dissected and debated why ERP projects continue to experience low success rates. Through this analysis, we identified five (5) key issues that cause many projects to run into trouble - and then we built a methodology to directly combat them.

We call it, simply, The Right Way.

Industry-wide, implementation methodologies haven't changed much in 20 years - the stats show it. But our approach is different. The processes we have developed combine people, process and technology to significantly improve your odds of success and dramatically reduce the risk of failure by addressing these five (5) issues:

  1. Project Control & Transparency – 68% of ERP project failures can be attributed to poor project management, planning and communication.

  2. Clean Data The lack of clean data will reduce the odds of a successful ERP project by 75%.

  3. Business Insight (Reporting) Visibility and reporting are primary motivators and critical business case elements for deploying an ERP application. It's also one of the most unrealized benefits.

  4. Productive End Users Failure to fully train and engage the people who are responsible for the daily operations of the company leads to a major risk factor for a successful implementation.

  5. Measurable ROI Many projects fail to identify the potential payback up-front and don't consciously pursue a scope that ensures a positive return.

Of course, an ERP implementation involves much, much more than this, but it's this extra level of effort and client support on these key issues that ensures a smooth implementation with minimized risk, business disruptions and delays.

It's simply the right thing to do for our clients.

It's the EntryPoint Way – it's "The Right Way".