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Careers Overview

Sure, there are bigger consulting firms, with names you're more likely to recognize.

But if you've got the right mix of experience, skills and attitude, we think EntryPoint is the team you'll want to join.


Every consulting firm has access to the same software. That's why we decided that our key difference would be the people who join our team. Is that you? Explore and decide.

EntryPoint has a strong and inspiring story to tell its clients specifically because of you!

Profitable and successful consulting companies thrive because they have exceptional people. EntryPoint understands that the only way to attract people of this caliber is to build a company and culture that attracts the industry's "best and brightest" and then finding ways to capture their hearts and minds. We have the benefit of growing a firm knowing that if we hire the right people, we'll win in the market place.

"Bench Time" doesn't mean "You're Fired!"

EntryPoint recognizes that many consultants over the past few years have had excellent skills but little control over securing client engagements. Consequently, "sitting on the bench" has come to mean "sitting duck". We're building a culture where great skills are cherished, and we believe that bench time can also be "productive time". EntryPoint doesn't believe in the prevailing industry attitude that even if you have exceptional skills that are in demand and you land on the bench for a short time in between engagements, you're probably going to be fired.

This time can be used intelligently for client pursuits (in fact, we heavily utilize our experts in this manner), professional development, and training of others. We obviously have a profitable business to run and still drive for high utilization rates like every other successful professional services firm, but sitting on the bench for a short while doesn't automatically put you "at risk"!

EntryPoint highly values your unique intellectual capital...as do our clients and prospects.

EntryPoint wants to ensure that the knowledge you have and the knowledge you gain is utilized for the benefit of the company and its clients. We help you to get published, secure speaking engagements, and develop "points-of-view" that ultimately promote you as an expert, as well as the value the firm can bring to its customers. Everyone wins when we share our collective experiences.

At EntryPoint, you can make a difference.

Our work is about impact - we focus on helping companies improve their business performance, and we are willing to "put our money where our mouth is" and get paid directly as a result of the improvements we drive. This means that you won't be viewed simply as a consultant who gets paid to generate billable hours, but an advisor that is there to help - with goals in perfect alignment with the client.

When is the last time you heard a client say, "Thanks, you really helped my business improve!"? EntryPoint won't enter into all client engagements in this manner, but our philosophy around measuring and rewarding based on performance helps us to differentiate ourselves in the market and keep the focus on the customer.

At EntryPoint, you have the chance to work on great projects with the latest technology.

We know you value technological currency in your skill set, and we strive to carefully select client engagements where you have the opportunity to use and learn the latest technologies in real customer environments. We're selective about our people and selective about our clients.

The only way we can build and sustain a high-performance organization is to hire the best teams of people and secure client engagements where you can utilize your skills in leading-edge projects. At the same time, we focus on BUSINESS RESULTS, not TECHNOLOGY, so you have the opportunity to prove how technology can truly improve business performance.

EntryPoint has a "client culture", not a "sales culture".

How many times have you been on an engagement "sold" by someone else where the commitments made to the client were things you couldn't deliver? We recognized this industry-wide problem when founding the company and have taken the best ideas from sales-centric and partner-centric firms to form a company that has low overhead, high-quality business development processes, and aligned objectives to the individual consultant.

In short, with your help, EntryPoint always delivers on its commitments!

EntryPoint hand-picks the best.

This goes for both employees and clients. As an aggressively growing privately-held company, we have the luxury of choosing the types of engagements we want to pursue. Our process for qualifying business is just as stringent for selecting employees, so we can match great employees with great projects and clients. It's just smart business to walk away from clients who don't respect our employees, can't pinpoint the value of their efforts, or buy on price alone.

EntryPoint cares about you as an individual.

At EntryPoint, we know you want managers that can empathize and understand the unique needs of a top performing consultant. You want to work for people who have built and run highly successful companies before - companies that you can be proud of working for. EntryPoint's management team and corporate values allow you thrive as an individual, work with teams you can respect, and enjoy your job.

Our past success is evidenced by the fact that the EntryPoint management team has a record of building teams with employee retention factors above 90%.

At EntryPoint, we work hard...but we keep a balance in life.

Consulting, as a profession, can often times be a lonely and isolating experience. EntryPoint recognizes this fact, so we go to great lengths to ensure you are well supported and feel connected and part of the company. Consultants on long-term projects need to have balance as well as time to 'play and relax'. EntryPoint promotes personal balance for everyone because, in the end, it makes you a better person and a better consultant.

In addition, our company strives to staff engagements locally/regionally to where the project teams live, thus avoiding high travel expenses for clients and keeping projects close-to-home for consultants. Achieving balance in life is a whole lot easier when you are near your family. Although this doesn't always happen, it's on top of our mind when we develop business.

EntryPoint offers competitive compensation packages.

EntryPoint offers a comprehensive benefits package, as well as market-based compensation. In addition, we richly reward exceptional performance and offer you more than four ways to earn extra income without significantly adding to the workload you have.

EntryPoint has a performance-based culture - we want our employees to earn more than their peers when their performance is better. We ask our clients to pay us more for higher performance; therefore, we pay you more for higher performance.

If EntryPoint sounds like the kind of company in which you can thrive, call our Director of SAP Resources, Mario Mancini, today at (216) 393-4490 to schedule a preliminary interview and get the inside story on EntryPoint and/or feel free to submit your resume for one of our job openings.